Maxima ‘The Opportunity Group’ – Our Partner for the long term.

maxima flier COPSLSC

Maxima ‘The Opportunity Group’ has formed a partnership with our club that will deliver both short and long term benefits for both entities. Initially, Maxima have provided COPSLC with $350,000 which, primarily, has helped us to fit out our awesome new clubrooms. Further into the relationship we will jointly endeavour to create supported projects for the benefit of the club, the wider community and Maxima’s partner organisations.

Maxima is owned by the Hutton’s, a City Beach family with a long standing connection to our club and WA Lifesaving dating back to the 1970’s. In fact, there’s still Hutton kids running around at the club right now.

Maxima is a privately owned and operated Australian company with interests across a range of industries and community associations including mining, exploration, aquaculture, tourism, property and community partnerships. It also listens to other companies, community groups and organisations to identify and develop opportunities.

You may have heard of Maxima in the news recently. It is getting exposure via an incredible project in the Kimberley, where it has worked tirelessly for the past few years to form a cooperative between three Traditional Owner groups to own and operate a large-scale aquaculture business.

When we began discussions, spokesperson Bill Hutton identified that Maxima’s own values of stewardship, leadership and sustainability in the areas of social development, ecological awareness and organisational networks, were similar to our clubs values and principles, particularly “One Club. One Community”.

Maxima are strong advocates for social and cultural entrepreneurship and we are thrilled that the partnership facilitates the delivery of a state of the art surf club and offers the delivery of value added initiatives, to existing members, future members, business and organisations.