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Open Surf Boat 1967

The triumphant 1966-67 boat crew – swept by John Curedale and consisting of John Harbison, Barry Weaver, Darryl Calvin and Geoff Leivers – was, at the time it reperesented the State at the Australian Titles at Coolangatta, one of the youngest to represent the State, with an average age of only twenty one. Curedale, who was considered one of Western Australia’s best boatman and who served as City’s Boat Captain from 1961-62 until the end of the 1967-68 season, was described by one fellow ‘boatie’ as ‘a quiet spoken guy on the beach’ who was ‘quickly transformed when standing at the back of a boat’.

John Curedale, Darryl Calvin, John Harbison, Barry Weaver, Geoff Leivers
His ability to read the surf was renowned, and his superb timing and judgement were spectacularly demonstrated by the manner in which the 1967 title was won. The Championships were held at City Beach, and the seas were remembered as having been ‘very very wild’. Jackie Mayberry (nee Kretchmar), a Life Member and one of the club’s true stalwarts, recounted:

The race was held on the south side of the groyne. When the start signal was given, all the crews, except City, raced to the water and were promptly capsized, filled with water or swept away. John Curedale… just told his crew to stay put and while the others tried to get their boats righted and away again, John and the City crew just waited. Eventually there was a complete lull and John said ‘Now go!’ And City rowed out and around the marker buoy and were well on the way back before the others were even half way out.

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