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Patrol Hours Competition of 2 January 2019


If you are unable to patrol it is imperative that you find a proxy with the same or higher qualification. The Facebook page “City Patrol Proxies“  can be used to find proxies providing you are well organised and post well in advance.

Down Hours Rules

Active Senior and U19 membership to the club are based on a minimum patrolling requirement of 16 hours each season.

The Beach Committee wishes to remind members of the following down hours and penalty rules for members that fail to attend their rostered patrol.  These rules are in accordance with the Club bylaws and have been endorsed by the Club Executive.

Patrol members are required to arrange a proxy and advise the Patrol Officer or their Patrol Captain if they are unable to attend a rostered patrol.  If an arranged proxy fails to attend the patrol, the proxy is subject to the down hours and penalties.

Failure to attend the rostered patrol times has the following consequences:

  1. The member goes down hours at the rate of time and a half (e.g. for a missed full patrol this requires 7 hours 5 minutes to be undertaken as a make up);
  2. Down hours of more than 4 hours 45 minutes (which is a full patrol) must be made up by doing a full patrol;
  3. Any remaining down hours must be made up in one block either at the beginning or end of a patrol;
  4. Down hours cannot be made up on Sundays before 11am;
  5. In addition, the member must submit on the provided Application Down Hours form to the Patrol Officer, for consideration by Beach Committee or nominated persons, why the member failed to attend and how they will meet their commitments in the future.
  6. Following the determination, if the member has the Active Senior or Under 19 discounted gym membership of $48, that membership will be suspended if it is decided that patrol obligations are not going to be met.

Patrol Names

Patrol teams are named after Life Members.  To find out more about the Life Member your team is named after go to the Life Member section of our website.

Patrol Competition

In the 2013/14 season the Club re-introduced the long lost tradition of the Intra-Club Patrol Competition.

This is a great competition that pits team against team in the ultimate showdown of Patrol and Club prowess.

Points are awarded for patrol attendance, patrol administration, gaining awards and club participation. The team with the most points at the end of the season will gain the honour of being named City’s top Patrol with their team enshrined on the Competition Shield for eternity and will also be rewarded with prizes.

Accessing your Patrol and Award Information

Members are often interested in a record of their hours for the Patrol Season, require hours for community service awards or are thinking of patrol hour requirements for the competition season.

You can access all your Patrol Hour information by going to your Member Portal Account here. This is the account you created with Surf Life Saving Australia when you did your membership.


  1. Enter your username (If you have forgotten your username the system can issue it to you if you match your details exactly as registered.
  2. Enter password (If you have forgotten your password the system will reissue to your mobile or email).

If you have any issues logging in please contact SLSA, send an email or call 1300 724 006. For further information on how to use the portal click here for a thorough procedure. Hours are available on the Life Saving Online/Renewal Tab under Patrols.

You can also access details of all Life Saving Awards that are often requested for job applications or school applications. Take a look at your account online for all your surf lifesaving details.

For enquiries, contact Graham Wimbridge (