The shop is open Monday-Saturday, 9am -2pm.  Payment by credit card is preferred.

For all shop enquiries please contact Brigitte or

Price List 2016_17   (updated 20/03/2017)

Online Orders

You can also order online and pick up from Reception during Office Hours.

Please follow the steps outlined below.


Go to Payment Gateway to complete your order

  1. Entity to Pay:  City of Perth
  2. Transaction Type:  Merchandise
  3. Complete Name/Payment details:  fill in order details e.g. John Smith Mens Jammers size 14. (Use 1 line for each item ordered)
  4. Amount:  Insert the correct amount from the Price List 2016/17


You will receive an email confirmation of payment with your order.  Forward this email by Wednesday 5pm to to enable your order to be filled.  


Order will be ready to collect from the Shop on Sundays from 8.30-10.00am from the collections only area unless informed otherwise.

Examples of what is currently available:

Please note bathers are not chlorine resistant. They are intended for surf club use in the ocean.