Tales From The Tower

City of Perth SLSC Women – A Success Story

It would come as a shock to many of our members today to learn that until 1980 women were not… more

Eight in a row for Tomczak

On December 21st, 2003, Ken Tomczak broke Warren Somerford’s fifty-year-old record, winning the W.R. Somerford Marathon for the eighth time… more

Certificate of Merit Eugene “Mick” Mickle

For displaying exceptional bravery and skill whilst conducting a rescue to save a man’s life at Quobba Station. At 6:30am… more

75 years

Compiled by Penny Cohen and Jeff Scott, and presented at the Club Annual Dinner, May 2000.

The First Women’s Boat Crew

In 1984-85, a group of City’s female lifesavers – Bronwen Scott, Laura Wenman, Belinda Bennett and Jodi Morris – formed… more

A Human Disposal Unit called Garbo

John “Garbo” Leivers was already a legend around Perth’s beach suburbs before he embarked on his spree of world championships…. more

Local Knowledge – Open Surf Boat 1967

Open Surf Boat 1967 The triumphant 1966-67 boat crew – swept by John Curedale and consisting of John Harbison, Barry… more

Australian Championships 1961

In 1971, the club won its first Australian Championship, the Junior Surf Boat, racing on our own beach. As a… more

Catching Sharks 1940′s

From the late 1940′s to the end of the 1950′s, City of Perth’s surf boats not only provided the club… more

Shark Attack 1946

On Sunday, 10 February 1946, a still, scorching day with only the faintest breath of an easterly, a large crowd… more