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Dennis Trew

Elected Life Member 1998

Dennis Trew was a member of the 1971 Junior Boat Crew which went through the season undefeated to claim City’s first Australian Championship, won on our own beach. It was this victory which led to the Club’s decision to send a representative team to the Australian Championships each year.

Dennis has remained a committed boatie, sweeping many successful crews. He was a member of the W.A. State Team in 1972, and has been awarded the Club’s Boatman of the Year trophy on three occasions.

Other club positions Dennis has held include Ambulance Officer in 1969/70 and 1970/71, Board and Ski Captain 1973/74, Vice Boat Captain 1974/75, Boat Captain in 1984/85, 1993/94 and 1994/95, and Australian Titles Team Manager in 1991/92. During the 1990′s he was also one of the Club’s most committed fundraisers.