Life Members > 1971 I.D.Scott OAM


 Ian Scott OAM

Elected Life Member 1971

“…a professional approach appropriate to the demands of the modern era…”

Ian Scott joined the club in the 50′s, and has been one of the clubs most dedicated administrators. He was club Treasurer in 1958-59, 1965-66 and from 1967-68 to 1969-70, Secretary from 1959-60 to 1961-62 and in 1964-65, President for two terms of four years in the 70′s and Vice President in 1986-87.

In the mid-80′s he rejuvenated the club’s R&R arena, coaching many teams to success at State and Australian Championship level.

Ian was awarded State Life Membership in 1983, and Australian Life Membership in 1988.